Director of Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Abundant Robotics and Adjunt Faculty (formerly on Research Faculty) at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science.

Computer vision and machine learning scientist & engineer with a passion to design robust systems that solve real-world problems. Working at all levels of implementation, from low-level engineering through to high-level project management. Comfortable either executing systems solo or directing small groups of talented engineers. Deep cross-disciplinary collaborations with plant-scientists and genetics/phonemics experts from leading institutions. Produced and deployed computer vision systems for a variety of companies. Including real-time closed-loop helicopter landing systems, autonomous wheelchair sensing systems and agricultural robotics.

Currently leading the computer vision system development for an agricultural mobile manipulation robot. Responsible for the design from the ground up from the imaging sensors, image processing algorithms, 3D mapping, visual odometry to the machine learning frameworks. Deployed on autonomous field robot over 100’s of hours of operation.