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Best female partner stardew valley

Read at your own risk. But who do you choose? Two villagers were upgraded to marriage candidates in the recent update—Shane and Emily. Combined with the previously available set, that makes twelve total people you can potentially woo and propose to. Each candidate has five unique relationship events and their own interests, hobbies, and habits before and after marriage. Unless you want to waste a lot of time dumping your hard-earned gold into gifts for all twelve, you may need a bit of guidance before you decide exactly who to court.

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However, my girlfriend and I have agreed that Maru is too good for us. Maru is Best Girl, not Best Wife. Maru has so much potential and she deserves better than isolated farm life.

Emily is a friendly ray of blue-haired sunshine, even if her heart events and dance scenes are a bit corny. Emily makes artisan goods, and in particular, clothing.

Do you know how hard it is to make clothes, internet?! Still, you might as well get to know the only person in town capable of dream projection! Abigail just might be the weirdest person in town.

She plays the flute in the rain, hangs out in the graveyard, and is the source of the funniest glitch in the game. An error early in the Stardew Valley beta resulted in Abigail responding to Minerals as food, and the creator of the game thought this was funny enough to leave it in the released game.

Regardless, Abby is still adorable and probably more like the real people who are playing Stardew Valley than any of the other choices. Penny is a natural caretaker, cleaning up after her mother and tutoring Vincent and Jas, and many players find themselves wanting to take care of her. As the Farmer becomes closer to her, they will help her educate the children and deal with her alcoholic mother. The player receives the lowest material benefit from marrying Penny, but they get to save Penny from living in a trailer and she seems geniunely happy with her new life.

Leah is well-suited to live on a farm, since as a Bachelorette her life was already rugged; she found genuine joy in scavenging her own food from the woods. She likes anything that grows out of the ground and seeks recognition as an artist. Despite how cute she is, or how much I personally like the artist who lives in the woods idea, I never got a sense of chemistry between Leah and the Farmer. By the time I reached the final event, I just hoped that there would be an update with an event that was actually intimate.

And here we have the dark horse! Like Shane, Haley is slow to make friends with the Farmer. She opens up once she learns how to relate to people with different interests, expands her own horizons, and becomes a genuinely warm and loving person.

Once married, she shows her affection through surprisingly masterful cooking, with meals on rainy evenings even offering benefits to game stats.

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More Top Stories. Why is money important in stardew valley? I want to start by saying that money drives this entire game. The point of the game is to make the best farm you Trying to decide if the hype is worth the price? Stardew Valley has been breaking records since its release in February of this year, selling over a million copies to date and topping the Steam sales chart in the weeks after its debut. But as a farm simulator, the indie smash hit might not be a Even our favourite Indie games can get dry, and there's always time to try some out new ones.

Try some of these 15 Steam games to spark a new love for Indie games. While official support has not Stardew Valley Coop and Multiplayer Explained. When it comes to both the Coop and multiplayer, there are some points to keep in mind. Stardew Valley, like any good farming game, offers the option to raise animals for their products.

Players have the option to purchase both a coop and a barn, and each building can raise up to Stimulate your gaming life with one of these simulators!

Simulation games are those that aim to recreate real-world activities, meaning you can have the job of your dreams or overcome a test of survival without even leaving your desk chair.

They typically fall into one of three main categories With a rich world begging to be explored, indie game Stardew Valley became a surprise hit, but there are many other incredible games like it. So, if you fell in love with Stardew Valley and have been yearning for more farming, questing, secrets, The Calico Desert This is a special location that is unlocked once you complete the Vault bundle in the community center.

There is a small oasis that you can fish in outside of The Desert Mines. You can catch Sandish and Scorpion Carp. The Secret Woods Below are the ten best weapons to help you conquer the mines of the valley. Stardew Valley has something for everyone, but fishing is perhaps the most challenging part of the game. The five fishing spots Searching, however, through the thousands of RPGs out there to find the really good stuff, can be a Stardew Valley Best Farm.

Which Stardew Valley Farm is Best? Each farm comes with a different set of challenges. Whether you have your heart set on wooing that special someone or raising a chicken army, choosing the Stardew Valley offers a variety of activities that we as players can choose from.

We can spend our days mastering the art of fishing, collecting artifacts, exploring the mines, and even foraging through the forests of Pelican Town. But, our main purpose is our role as a farmer. Sometimes it can be extremely hard starting a new farm, looking at an empty canvas, and having absolutely no idea what to do with it. Here, I hope to show you some fun yet organized ways to get a functioning and cute farm up and running in no

This is serious business, folks. Every marriage candidate has something to offer, and choosing a spouse could very well be the hardest part of your playthrough. Lucky for you, help is on the way. For the record, I actually like Haley. Her entire character is basically defined by being a crabby, selfish ice queen who transitions into someone more grounded.

Since its release, Stardew Valley has been a game to live out all of your escapist fantasies. Finally Getting a Date.

However, my girlfriend and I have agreed that Maru is too good for us. Maru is Best Girl, not Best Wife. Maru has so much potential and she deserves better than isolated farm life. Emily is a friendly ray of blue-haired sunshine, even if her heart events and dance scenes are a bit corny.

The Stardew Valley Bachelorettes, Ranked

Its charms are many, from the simple gratification of building and improving the player's personal farm to developing lasting relationships with the host of NPCs inhabiting nearby Pelican Town. The latter is a particularly great drawing point, boasting a roster of twelve LGBT-friendly romance candidates that are available regardless of the player's chosen gender. As is usually the case in these situations, some of them emerge as clear favorites among fans. Below are all twelve marriage candidates featured in Stardew Valley , ranked from worst to best. Shane's a bit of a mixed bag. His heart events weave together a wonderful character arc, as the player character helps him to confront his problematic alcoholism and step up to take charge of his own life. Though Haley does get a bit better once romanced, finding a solid reason to enjoy her company in the first place is a challenge that some may not be up to facing.

Stardew Valley Marriage Guide - Gift Guide, Who Can You Romance in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is one of the most widely loved farming simulators ever created. However, part of the fun of Stardew Valley is finding someone you can spend the rest of your virtual life with. With so many virtual partners to chose from, trying to find the right person to join in holy matrimony might be overwhelming. It's even more apparent when it becomes clear that some romantic options are a little better than others.

Stardew Valley presents players with a quaint, cozy little town ripe for exploration.

Full of rich storylines, diverse crops, and unique characters, Stardew Valley is a highly popular farming RPG that appeals to gamers of all skill sets. This is our Stardew Valley Marriage guide, it contains everything you need to know about wooing that certain villager you have your eyes on! In most community-building games, players are rewarded for befriending the townspeople, and Stardew Valley is no different. Daily interaction with locals results in the accumulation of friendship points, which are measured by the number of hearts on the friend page.

Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

We're very excited to know who is destining to meet. It's a fun ride to see butterflies in your stomach; The purpose of Stardew Valley is to find the best match. This website uses cookies to make it better.

Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by Jerev , Jan 10, Log in or Sign up. Chucklefish Forums. Tags: bachelor bachelorette marriage marriage candidates poll spouse. The last poll I saw on this forum was from before 1. So in order to get the current numbers and hopefully see Haley win I created this poll.

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Marriage is a feature in Stardew Valley. There are six eligible bachelors and six eligible bachelorettes. Same sex marriage is available. To marry someone, you will need to raise their friendship level to 10 by giving them their liked or loved gifts, as well as have given them a bouquet which can be bought at Pierre's store. You must acquire a Mermaid Pendant from the Old Mariner. Your house has to be upgraded at least once before he'll let you purchase it. You can then give the pendant to the person you desire and they will prepare the wedding, asking for three days to do so. When you marry, your spouse will move in with you, say new things, and help you out on the farm.

Sep 3, - Stardew Valley is an unobtrusive game that stole players' hearts, and here are to reveal the five best and five worst partners in Stardew Valley and hopefully She's your typical pretty blonde girl, but she's a bit of a princess.

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Stardew Valley Best Wife Guide - Who To Marry

Building friendships and finding a spouse are some of the most rewarding long term goals in Stardew Valley. You can only have one husband or wife at a time no surprises there , but gaining friendship hearts with all villagers has other benefits. This Stardew Valley friendship and marriage guide is focused on the bachelor and bachelorette villagers, which are the only ones available for marriage.

Tuesday 10: Best Waifus and Husbandos of Stardew Valley

You've just moved into Stardew Valley , away from your busy and dreary life in the city working for Joja Corporation. Here in tiny Pelican Town, you've begun your new life as a farmer. On top of that you can also find true love here.

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Stardew Valley friendship and marriage guide – How to woo your favorite villager

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