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My boyfriend is my business partner

They say for better or worse, for richer or poorer but no one ever mentions at the office AND at home, do they? Now whether you made those vows or not, I know the thought has crossed your mind…. I worked with him for just over 13 years and we owned a company together for 16 years. There were both good and bad times.

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4 Tips for Building a Business With Your Romantic Partner

An entrepreneurial couple I know engages in an unusual practice each time one of them is about to join a new start-up: They invite the founders over for dinner with their family, which includes two young children. They want their future colleagues to know their spouse and children. Studies have shown that this sort of practice is both wise and extremely practical. It turns out that if your spouse dislikes your friends--even if it's only one friend--that will likely have a negative impact on your marriage.

Tension with your social circles can lead to conflict in your romantic relationship. Your significant other may judge you by the company you keep; he or she could also be threatened by or jealous of your friends.

Disagreements over friends are so serious that they could increase your risk of divorce. One study found this to be true of white couples but not African-American couples.

Whether you think of business partners as personal friends, they are individuals that you trust highly, work closely with, and spend a lot of time with. If your significant other neither likes nor trusts your closest co-workers, then two major areas of your life are going to be in constant tension and cause significant stress for you.

Perhaps you'll feel like you can't talk about work with your spouse. Or that your business partner isn't able to sympathize with challenges you're having at home. Animosity between the two might even affect your ability to work effectively, especially if your significant other wants to undercut or even force out your business partner.

Social scientists agree that if you and your spouse share common friends, then your chances of marital happiness are much better. If there is some level of respect and appreciation between your spouse and business partner, you can leverage the wisdom and encouragement of each relationship for the benefit of the other.

If you have a family emergency or challenge, your business partner will more likely be supportive. If you have a crisis at work, your spouse can help problem-solve more thoughtfully and empathetically.

If these two key people in your life don't like one another, or perhaps don't even know one another, here are some ways to begin building that connection:. It can be tempting to only complain about our significant others to co-workers, and vice versa.

But you could be inadvertently poisoning them against one another. If you take the time to praise and show respect for someone, your spouse or business partner will likely follow your lead and begin to appreciate that person as well.

When it comes to relationship building, no technology or forum can replace in-person time. Invite your spouse and business partner and his or her significant other to dinner or drinks together. Make an effort not to talk about work, but instead connect on a purely personal basis. Even just a one-hour investment once or twice a year can make a huge difference in helping them understand one another. Tensions between your spouse and friends are exacerbated when your spouse feels insecure.

This will make him or her more prone to jealousy or resentment toward your business partner. Small gestures of care and affection can go a long way in a relationship. Make sure your partner knows that you see him and recognize his needs. Show your love and commitment to her through words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time spent together.

Maybe we all need to start having our colleagues over to dinner. It's only to your benefit to encourage mutual respect between your significant other and business partner. Top Stories. Top Videos. Innovate Creativity Invent Design Pivot. Getty Images. Make sure to talk to each about the other's qualities and strengths, not just their shortcomings. Sponsored Business Content.

Couples in business: Should you do it?

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A match made in heaven or hell…you decide! For a long while, I wished Jonathan would get better at the strategizing and planning of his business ventures.

As an entrepreneur, you work so hard for your business you more than likely consider yourself to be married to it. Your personal life really ends up being about the business too since a lot of the heavy lifting happens all day long. And you don't leave work "at the office" when you go home. But what happens when you introduce another factor into your business life My husband and I decided at the get-go NOT to run it together.

In a Relationship With an Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Say.

My boyfriend of five years told me today that he started a business with a female former co-worker. They are opening a bar together, which I knew was a dream of his, but he kept the business dealings from me for the last year. This woman has been a point of contention in our relationship. I'm ready to leave him, but he says he had to ensure that his business venture didn't get out in order to protect the job he just resigned from to open this bar. What to do? The good news? At least you know where you stand with him now, even if you are way down on his list of priorities. The bar is, too. You turned a blind eye to her repeated presence, probably because addressing the real reason she kept coming around would have caused you to make some uncomfortable realizations about your relationship. Or maybe you thought she was crazy.

How to make going into business with a significant other work

Three months after we met each other, my boyfriend and I hosted our first personal development workshop together. At that time, we both have been studying, and the workshops have been a little side hustle. Looking back, it was a crazy ride and not the most typical path to go, but I am glad we stepped into the adventure of combining business and partnership. Now, three years later, we are traveling the world, spending However, the last three years have been a wild rollercoaster ride.

An entrepreneurial couple I know engages in an unusual practice each time one of them is about to join a new start-up: They invite the founders over for dinner with their family, which includes two young children. They want their future colleagues to know their spouse and children.

For better or for worse, most couples have distinct roles in their relationships. In my experience, defined roles in a relationship usually lead to unmet expectations, which in turn leads to unhappiness. Entrepreneurship can be exhausting because you wear a lot hats and essentially have a bunch of roles.

4 Tips for Going Into Business With Your Significant Other

Now, throw a business partner into the mix who also happens to be your romantic partner, and things can get REALLY interesting. After being in a committed relationship for about 8 years and freelancing separately for most of them, we finally decided to join forces and start a business together. TWO heads are always better than one! But what we realized pretty quickly is that TWO heads also equals two point of views, two different working styles, two personalities… and a whole bunch of other differences.

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Entrepreneurs are a unique blend of risk -takers, mad scientists, hope addicts, inventors and magicians. They can make incredible love partners if you know how to crack the code that unlocks their love and devotion. You can be on an adventurous ride of your life filled with excitement being with an entrepreneur lover -- or on a ride of terror that you want to exit ASAP. If you find yourself in a relationship with an entrepreneur or even if you are one yourself , know that it can be challenging communicating your needs in such a way that gives your desired outcome. Please heed the following very carefully.

Should couples go into business together?

Kim Leach and her ex-husband were high-school sweethearts. But after 21 years together — 16 of them wedded — a series of rough patches led to their divorce. For these couples, divorce throws a wrench into business management. Leamon helped Nerdwallet identify three common ways joint owners might deal with a business during the divorce process, and when to consider each. Leach took this route, and her husband bought her out of their Oklahoma fitness center. Consider the future: The longer the payment period, the more likely it is that the spouse who keeps the business will default on payments or shut it down. A riskier option involves running the business as usual, with both parties maintaining control of the company.

Jun 21, - Kim Leach and her ex-husband were high-school sweethearts. But after My Tools; Search · Read It Later · Recently Read · Newsletters · AdsOn What to Do When Your Ex Is Your Business Partner Work isn't the time or place to bring around the new boyfriend or girlfriend, or even discuss those new.

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How to Successfully Run a Business with Your Better Half

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What to Do When Your Ex Is Your Business Partner

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