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During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: April 2, References. If you haven't found the one at your school, workplace, or local coffee shop, online might be the perfect place to find a girlfriend.

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Call U. My girlfriend of six years who lives in Germany is thinking about moving here permanently. We are not ready to get married, yet. Is there a visa she could get that will allow her to live here so we can date? Citizen, 48, she has a dual citizenship in England and Germany Thank you for whatever help you can provide and details on costs for more help. Frank, thank you for your inquiry.

I am sure you know she can travel to the U. This is because she is a German citizen. Germans are allowed access to the U. The same goes for English citizens who want to visit the U. I understand you want her to live in the U. When thinking about immigration, look at things from the U. For the government to issue her any visa, there must be an advantage to the U. What would be the advantage to have her be in the U. One choice would be to have her enroll in school in the U.

This would help give financial support our educational system. A fiancee visa is granted out of respect for the U. The government is willing to bend to accommodate your desire. B visitor visas are for those who want to spend money on our tourist industry. She does not need a B visa to visit as mentioned above.

If she had one, perhaps she could stay in the U. Most consulates will require that she use the visa waiver program and will not issue a B visitor visa without good cause. If you can identify a characteristic about her or a circumstance that would entice the U.

If not, then you are stuck with short visits under the visa waiver program until your relationship develops far enough that you want to marry.

I hope this information helps. If you have an interest in working with us on case processing, please complete our free consultation form , and we'll give you personal attention. March 13, at AM. My fiancee is from Brazil. We have a very similar situation except there is no visa waiver for her. She must enter on a B2 visa. She is attending school in Canada and I live in the US. My questions are 1. When applying for the visa should she mention that she has a boyfriend here, or would that show intent to stay?

She want to be able to visit a few times while she is in Canada. She is planning on residing with me in the US for two months before we both return to Brasil.

Is this allowable? November 18, at AM. Keny, Our office is available to assist with case processing. Our fees are reasonable I believe. If interested, can you please call me to discuss? Very kindly, Allan. November 17, at PM. Hey allan, My girlfriend lives in honduras, we met through online, we have 2 years holding a nice relationship. What can i do? October 30, at PM. Rajhveer, It is currently taking about 2 years to bring your wife to the U.

You need to marry first. If you have an interest in working with me on case processing, please call me once you make plans to marry. I hope to hear from you. Kindly, Allan. Ah hi I m a new here in USA with immigrant..

I got my green card I came here like 2 month my gf lives in Bangladesh so I want her to be here for me but how can I will get her in nd how much and how many time it will take??

For that I just wNt to know pleas give a reply…think u. August 15, at PM. Lillian, If you are denied any visa to the U. You should not apply for any visa unless you are reasonably certain you will receive it. If you and your boyfriend eventually want to marry, he will have difficulty immigrating you to the U. Andy, Generally, you would bring her to the U. A problem is that the U.

It sounds as if you have a good relationship, so can you please call to discuss? I would be glad to help work out a strategy that fits within your plans as much as possible. August 10, at PM. Hey allan i been traveling to country back and forth for the past two years. On my last trip i meet a girl and we been on contact everyday and became boyfriend and girlfriend.. August 9, at PM. Hi Allan, Am lilian from Kenya, have been denied visa twice for B1 B2 ,I was invited by a relative though I have a boyfriend we met online and he want me to visit him.

May 23, at AM. Lisa, Your sister and boyfriend need to travel outside the U. Your boyfriend must pursue the relationship outside the U. Please have him call me to discuss further if you have an interest in perhaps working with our office on case processing.

May 21, at PM. Hi, I was denied usa visa in march I applied for visitors visa am Kenyan. Thank you. May 6, at AM. Richard, Can you please call me to discuss? This is misrepresentation on the visit and can result in a permanent bar from the U. May 5, at PM. I met a girl in Califronia who is a Canadian citizen and while she was down here on a student Visa. I proposed and she said yes.

Currently she is back in Canada until school starts again. We set a wedding date for Sep 3,…when she gets back to the US can her and i continue on with our wedding without her having to go back to Canada…. April 28, at AM. Amanda, Think of it in basic terms.

Each visa has a particular purpose. A stay as a visitor on a visitor visa Visa Waiver Program for Brits ends at some point. The visitor can marry in the U.

The problem is that often after marriage, the visitor does not want to depart and this can violate the immigration rules. A fiancee visa is for the purpose of immigrating to not just visiting the U. People often are confused because they want to pretend to be a visitor, but really immigrate. This is a misuse of the visiting privileges and can cause trouble. Misrepresentation regarding the visit is grounds for a permanent bar from the U.

There are ways to safely bend the rules without breaking them, but it requires a phone discussion to help sort out an immigration plan before you go very far with personal plans. The more personal planning you do limits what can be done for her immigration possibilities. If interested in working with me on her immigration process, I invite you to please call to discuss. April 27, at PM.

Hi Allen. April 20, at PM.

I took my Russian girlfriend home to America, and this is what happened…

Hollywood has made sexy American women desired literally in any spot of the world. But it is peculiar that the image of a perfect American bride every man has in his head is different. The explanation is fairly simple: all ladies in the US are unique. The USA is a multicultural country.

Such circumstances, where the meeting requirement may be waived, could include the existence of religious or cultural reasons why the betrothed may not meet before marriage, or where an acute illness prevents an American citizen from traveling abroad. It is very rare, however, for such applications to be approved. Despite this requirement to have met before in person, some critics of the K1 visa believe it opens the door to possible marriage fraud by providing an opportunity for American citizens to marry a foreign national after only a brief trip and without making the extra effort to actually leave the country and marry abroad.

Call U. My girlfriend of six years who lives in Germany is thinking about moving here permanently. We are not ready to get married, yet. Is there a visa she could get that will allow her to live here so we can date?

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. In mid-August I would like to return to the US to visit my girlfriend for a period of around 85 days. Of course, going through CBP it is likely that I will experience heavy scrutiny due to my situation. I am 19 years old and planning on leaving my job due to dissatisfaction. This provides the perfect opportunity for me to make this visit.

How to Apply for a US Visa for a Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Smiling aside, we arrived in America, safe and sound in Boston. Luckily, no one ever tried to tell her any bar stories. But we found a new travesty in the food aisles of Stop N Shop. Little did I know the troubles ahead.

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Want to know how many members join our site daily, and what United States profiles are most popular? Check out live Loveawake site stats and full visitors details. We reset profiles counter about new American singles every 24 hours. Yemen State City show photo personals only.

The Guide for Meeting the Best American Brides

You met your girlfriend outside of Canada, and it was love at first sight. Think again - sometimes sponsoring someone to come to Canada can be quite complicated. Read on to learn about what it takes to sponsor your girlfriend or significant other to come to Canada.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm going to visit my girlfriend in the US I am from the UK, 31 years old for 10 days soon, for the first time. We've known each other 8 years online and have been together long distance for nearly a year. I've read a few horror stories about people being denied entry when it's mentioned they're visiting a significant other in the US.

What documents should I take when visiting my girlfriend in the US?

Let me first warn you, there are a number of young men in the same situation as you. Your desire for a future wife in another country is both hard to accomplish and leaves you vulnerable to scams. There are a number of people who are eager to take your money and make you promises they will never fulfill. The purpose of having a girlfriend is to find someone who will be your companion and friend for the rest of your life. This means you need to met people to get to know them and they to get to know you.

If you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to visit the United States you can either for the United States, or apply for a visa B2 at your nearest American embassy.

Applying for a U. Visa for your girlfriend or boyfriend will depend, more than anything else, on their nationality. It will also depend on whether you want your partner to visit the United States or if you want them to move to the U. Love is a powerful force that makes people do incredible things. However, we must adjust to immigration norms and apply for the appropriate documentation.

best way for my American girlfriend to move to Canada (establish common law)

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