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Need a dj manager

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On the surface, DJing seems like a one-man job; the perfect field for personalities who are well-suited to working on their own. But who do you really need on your team, what qualifications should they have, and how do you find these people? Read on! Not for : Setting your beat-grids, deciding what your sound and brand should be, paying the bar tab for all the girls you invited to the club. A good manager will create opportunities for you, and help to make you money.

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How To Start An Artist Management Company

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Being an artist manager is arguably one of the most exciting careers someone can have. Plus, it takes a LONG … time … to build. Most artist managers keep their full or part-time jobs for a long time until their artist roster is making enough money that they can quit. Depending on your artists success, this could happen quickly, or it may never happen. As their manager this lies heavily on you. If you have or find the right connections, and if your artist is talented enough along with many other factors , you could be a full time artist manager before you know it.

I know a guy who quit his full-time salaried day job to start an artist management company with a couple of indie bands. Which brings me to my next point…. Sure, put all your eggs in one basket. But what if that basket breaks? Relationships break.

Artist managers loose artists regularly. Managers quit. Artists fire their managers. Being an artist manager is like being in a marriage. And sure there are some cases where people get married after 3 months of knowing each other. So be patient in this arena too. We work in an industry that prides itself on working for the love of it, and not for money; especially artists.

This is business. The artist is a business. In these two cases, your commission rate would be less than if you were the sole manager of an artist. In all cases, it really depends on what works for you and what opportunities come to your door or what you bang down doors for. You have to have your head on your shoulders and be able to network, make friends, and business colleagues; it is absolutely critical to success.

Furthermore, it is the maintaining of these relationships that counts. It WILL come back to bite you. This goes for artists and my business-minded people. Understanding people especially your artist!! This is a relationship business and networking, negotiating, etc.

Running a management company is running a business, and an artist manager must understand that you need to have the same management skills that any other business owner has, which is heavily reliant on financial and operational know-how.

Our Artist Management Toolkit has resources on revenue streams. You must have a very strong work ethic and a high level of responsibility. This is a fun business but it is a business, so you need to have the utmost work ethic and drive to keep on going when times get tough.

Managers dedicate their lives to their artists. Yes, not just their careers, their lives. Your main reason for working with artists in the first place must be for the love of the artist and their artistry. You have to put your artists ahead of yourself. You have to put their needs ahead of your needs. A manager should be able to calmly jump through hoops on a daily basis. There are going to be problems that arise every day. It takes years for artists to perfect their craft.

Again, this is a long-term business. This can be done through experience, from reading this website through and through, from attending conferences, from a mentor, from reading books, and many other ways. Artist Managers oversee all areas of the business so the sooner you get knowledgeable in those areas the sooner you can succeed. You could see bands and only fall in love with one of them, or you could go see a band tomorrow and fall in love with them.

You need to love their music, their songs, their vibes, and them as individuals. The hard part is finding the one , or the next one. Some of which have been managing for years. Here is an article explaining all the different line items that are included in a standard long-form artist management agreement. DO NOT quit your day job to become an independent manager….

Is your current roster, or prospective roster making any money yet? Find ways to earn money for your artist, which will in turn earn money for you. This is where you need to have other sources of income.

Literally and figuratively. Now that you have a roster and a plan, come up with an artist management company name and register it with the government. This should also allow you to open a bank account under your business name. It is important to keep business and personal separate.

Different managers have distinctive artist management methods. Think about what you stand for as a manager. Get business cards, a website, a new email, a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, and any other means to promote yourself as a professional manager, which is also another means to promote your artists.

Get our there and meet people as much as you possibly can. Find out what they do and show an interest. Have all the right documentation and keep track of all your business functions appropriately. We here at SBM we put together over of the most important systems, plans, templates and guides you need to run the day-to-day operations of your management business.

Entertainment law is extremely specialized, so be absolutely sure to hire an entertainment lawyer, not a lawyer from any other specialization. In This Interview: How the very first artist he got to work with was a global superstar How he helped develop a 14 year-old, Francesco….

In This Interview: Their early strategy of selling albums off stage during meet and greets Always making sure you put your best product out there,…. You must be logged in to post a comment. Hi Lincoln! Did you not receive it when you subscribed? Let me know if it still has yet to arrive in your inbox and I will email it to you.

I am a student going to college for Music Management.. The firm I want to Intern with or perhaps be hired into asked me flat out. What can I, an 18 year old music enthusiast, do for such a company? They also mentioned that certification to them was nothing.. They want skill. Planning things down to the smallest detail, being in love with the industry, and being a music enthusiast is exactly what you can do for any company or any artist.

Passion and attention to detail are HUGE assets to anyone. All the best. Everyone is talented in some way. I love your charm and your kindness int his response! Everything about this site has been A1 so far! Amazing content from a seemingly amazing person! Thank you!! Thank you kindly Tayo! Get it out on the table as quickly as possible and talk about it calmly. Always seek to understand the other person before jumping to conclusions. Also, there will likely be no separating the personal and business relationship anymore.

Hope this helps. Please i need your Artist Management business plan Table, I want to also learn how to manage artist.

Hi Henry, The Business Plan is for free — all you have to do is subscribe! I want to craft my management company online and start off at working with University music groups and build my rosters and learn as I go.

Thank you.. Just want to say thank you for this wonderful information. It was truly helpful and I appreciate it very much.

I need your Artist Management business plan Table, I want to learn how to manage artist as well. In order to receive the free plan, visit this page and enter your email.

It will be sent to you right away. Hi Jamie, ever since i bumped into this article, i have set my eyes without moving or being distracted. As i am writing, i am a dope music producer and i just got an artist to manage.

Building Your DJ/Producer Team

Many busy DJs may be thinking that hiring a DJ manager may help take some of the extra responsibilities off their plates. The question is, what are the keys to finding a DJ manager? Consider these suggestions before you set out to hire the perfect professional help. One of the first keys to finding a DJ manager is being manager-worthy.

Book world-renowned and rising music artists, DJs and celebrity talent for commercial or private events around the world. Our booking agents can help you bring top talent to audiences almost anywhere.

What many do not realize is that DJs cannot do all these alone. That is why most successful artistse mploy a team who handle the different aspects of the industry. In essence, they help take away some of the more strenuous and time consuming aspects DJs and producers have to deal with so they can concentrate more on their music. At the end of the day why not leave the experts of their own individual fields take care of things so that the artist can focus on their music?

Get the Job

The reality is that the DJ pay scale varies widely. You may only be in the booth from 10 p. When you make the decision to commit to your dream of being a professional DJ, these are the key questions you need to ask yourself:. Many DJs will spend hours networking and meeting with club managers or promoters every week. Others will travel long distances to gigs and pay the cost out of their own pocket. The pros of being a full-time DJ are pretty clear. By DJing regularly, you can build up your chops and accumulate experience, with more opportunities to test new songs and new mixing techniques. And then there are the cons.

4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Manager

I had no idea what an artist manager really did. Nor did they know what goes into being professional artists. Our enthusiasm and drive would make up for that lack of knowledge. We would wing it, learn on the fly, failing and learning from our mistakes.

Being an artist manager is arguably one of the most exciting careers someone can have. Plus, it takes a LONG … time … to build.

Make the most of your DJBroadcast. Create an account and customise DJB to fit your personal taste. In the grand scheme of things the DJ booking industry is young, fresh and expanding exponentially.

Get more DJ gigs

There are hundreds of so-called agencies out there which apparently act as booking agents or artist managers. And there are about 4 million DJs and artists who want to be managed by these agencies. It needs to ascertain that they have:.


We're always asked by our students 'How do you get DJ gigs? There are two distinct ways of getting DJ gigs, either the gigs come to you or you go and hunt them down yourself. Most DJ's start with the latter but the big aim should be that the gigs eventually come to you. Promoters will only come knocking on your door if you're an established artist and that normally means that you're a well known music producer. If you learn how to produce and release great music you can skip the hard part and enter further up the food chain.

Keys to Finding A DJ Manager

A DJ manager is a person who books a disc jockey's engagements and events. A DJ manager is the first line of contact for businesses seeking a DJ at their venues. As a DJ manager, you should have customer service skills and organizational skills; you will also have the opportunity to visit different music venues. Being a DJ manager can be entertaining and profitable. Create a DJ agreement that stipulates your duties, responsibilities and how you will be paid.

Are you a DJ looking for exposure? Professional management of your bookings. Personalized artist page. Promo video based on your gigs. + exclusive.

How those opportunities ultimately turn out to be depend on the approach of the artist themselves. It can be easy to blow one of these rare chances by either making the wrong move or doing nothing as a result of not knowing what to do in the first place. Fortunately, there is a way to make a good impression at the first go and we will be sharing you here how to do it. Take note, for these tips may be the deciding factors to furthering your career to the next level:.

14. Work with Your DJ Team

First, a proviso. For a lot of us, DJing starts out as a hobby — something to do after school, over the weekend, or to meet girls and guys. When that hobby becomes a source of income on the side, we take it a bit more seriously because it can pay the odd bill or a deliver a killer weekend.

I used to work on a professional vinyl till , now i work on cd players and Traktor kontrol. I have been working with international variety show programs as a lighting operator, sound operator, host and DJ since the beginning of the 90s. I have promoted and organised various parties, learning courses and contests for DJs.

We're the world's best online DJ agency. During the last 14 years we have helped match DJs to 's of events, just like yours.

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