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Definition of managing partner

A business partnership , like any other business, needs someone to run the day-to-day activities. The two options for a manager in a partnership are a partner taking on those duties or an outside manager being hired. This article discusses the partner-as-manager option. This partner, called a managing partner, has a role similar to a CEO of a corporation. Having someone who can deal with day-to-day activities frees other partners to work on the main focus of the business.


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The roundtable discussions with other managing partners in the MPIE sessions was exceptionally valuable. E-mail this page. Contact Us. The Managing Partner has the accountability for the operations of the law firm. The Managing Partner is expected to delegate his responsibilities to various operational agencies within the firm structure, provided that he maintains accountability for those activities and keeps the Executive Committee informed on a regular basis.

The duties of the Managing Partner will include, but will not be limited to:. Identifying the firm's short-term strategies for realizing the long-term goals established by the Executive Committee and partners of the firm. Communicating and reaching decisions with the firm's Executive Committee on implementation of firm policies and objectives. Communicating, both internally and externally, the firm's determination to maintain the highest possible professional standards in performance of legal work while at the same time providing that legal work be performed in the context of lowest appropriate price for the client while maintaining a level of profitability to ensure the viability of the firm and its continued performance.

Giving guidance and direction, determining accountability and monitoring the work of the Director of Finance and Administration, the Office Managing Partners and other firm management agencies. Supervising the financial affairs of the firm through the Director of Administration and Finance, including but not limited to the following specific functions:.

Determine what standing and ad hoc committees are necessary to assist in carrying out any of the functions. Recommend to the Executive Committee the members and chairman of Committees and ensure that all committees function effectively. Delegate to standing and ad hoc committees or partners, specific tasks to be accomplished, such committee or partner to be required to promptly report its findings and recommendations to the Managing Partner for decision and action.

Through the Office Managing Partners and the Director of Administration and Finance, oversee the planning, equipping, and maintenance of suitable office facilities including space, leasehold improvements, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Perform such other duties, functions or activities as delegated by the Executive Committee of the firm. David J. Klippert, Esq. The duties of the Managing Partner will include, but will not be limited to: A. Having responsibility for day-to-day management of the business affairs of the law firm. Supervising the financial affairs of the firm through the Director of Administration and Finance, including but not limited to the following specific functions: Develop, review and prepare for final presentation to the Executive Committee the annual budget, including the projected income, the anticipated expenses, and sources and applications of funds including capital acquisitions, decrease of liabilities, working capital requirements, etc.

Provide, as part of that presentation a three- to five-year pro forma by quarters estimating revenues, expenses, sources and applications of funds. This will be prepared initially by the Office Managing Partners, Controller, Personnel Manager and Director of Administration and Finance and then submitted to the Managing Partner for final review and development.

Supervise, through the Director of Administration and Finance and specific function committees, timekeeping, disbursements accounting, and effective billing rates of the firm such that systems that support the accounting for those items are functioning effectively and efficiently.

Ensure through personal involvement and through such ad hoc committees as may be required prompt and appropriate billings and collections at appropriate rates.

Determine the salary of lawyers and paralegals becoming associates of the firm for the first time, and establish the salaries of law school students working as summer clerks or law clerks. Determine from time to time, after receiving appropriate evaluations from their supervisors, the compensation of non-lawyer personnel based upon the recommendation of the Director of Administration and Finance, Office Managing Partners, and Office Administrators.

Determine through the budgeting process and from input from each individual partner, the rates of charge and other billing methods to be used by the firm from time to time. Cause the partners to review at least annually the work performance of all associates and paralegals, appropriate committees and supervisors, to evaluate the progress of each associate and paralegal and consider what adjustments in salary or status should be made.

Recommend to the Executive Committee, based upon that information, which associates should be considered for partnership in the firm. Through the Director of Administration and Finance, determine the cash position of the firm from time to time and identify whether special distributions to partners might be warranted.

Make recommendations to the Executive Committee as appropriate. Approve all material expenditures or financial commitments by any individual partner, employee or committee made for the firm's account. The committee may reach understandings with any other committee, partner, or employee having responsibilities involving such commitments or expenditures and providing blanket authority to commit without prior approval within stated and recorded limits.

Make recommendations to the Executive Committee as to designation of persons authorized to draw checks, drafts, and orders on the bank accounts of the firm and have access to any safety deposit box of the firm. View Attachment.


An owner of an interest in a limited liability company LLC who also runs the day-to-day business operations is known as a "managing member" of the LLC. This creates a few differences from an LLC where the member and manager functions are kept separate. For an LLC member who also has management responsibilities, there are issues specific to his or her personal liability and taxation. A managing member retains the limitation of personal liability afforded by the LLC.

The roundtable discussions with other managing partners in the MPIE sessions was exceptionally valuable. E-mail this page. Contact Us.

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managing partner

A partner in a law firm , accounting firm, consulting firm , or financial firm is a highly ranked position, traditionally indicating co-ownership of a partnership in which the partners were entitled to a share of the profits as " equity partners. In law firms , partners are primarily those senior lawyers who are responsible for generating the firm's revenue. The standards for equity partnership vary from firm to firm. Many law firms have a "two-tiered" partnership structure, in which some partners are designated as "salaried partners" or "non-equity" partners, and are allowed to use the "partner" title but do not share in profits. This position is often given to lawyers on track to become equity partners so that they can more easily generate business; it is typically a "probationary" status for associates or former equity partners, who do not generate enough revenue to maintain equity partner status. The distinction between equity and non-equity partners is often internal to the firm and not disclosed to clients, although a typical equity partner could be compensated three times as much as a non-equity partner billing at the same hourly rate. In America, senior lawyers not on track for partnership often use the title " of counsel ", whilst their equivalents in Britain use the title " Senior Counsel ".

The Definition of an LLC Managing Member

The management and leadership of the majority of independent accountancy practices is housed in a partnership structure and, although some firms are now looking to incorporate as limited liability partnerships, the fact remains that they are businesses being run in a fairly idiosyncratic manner. For the majority of practices in the independent sector, this means that the management of the business is in the hands of a group of partners, usually led by a senior or managing partner, but sometimes run by committee with all the partners having an equal say in decisions. Although the partnership model has served the profession well for many years, the increasingly competitive commercial environment, changing client needs and the much enhanced role that the accountant now plays in the business marketplace have highlighted the need for change in the way firms are organised, and the need for better and stronger people to lead the business. The old portfolio style of management is no longer appropriate.

Definition: A managing partner is a person who is simultaneously the owner and manager of a company. It refers to a shareholder that performs the double role of proprietor and executive.

LLC owners, typically referred to as members, don't always want to have an active role in business operations. The managing partner of an LLC takes care of day-to-day business activities and has the authority to act on behalf of the company. Nonmembers can serve as managers and the LLC can have as many managing partners as it wishes. In an LLC, a managing partner is a manager tasked with actively overseeing the company's day-to-day operations.

Managing Partner – Law Firm Sample Job Description

A limited liability company LLC is a private company where the members or partners are allowed to gain some protection from liability, while passing taxes down as individuals. There are different types of partners of an LLC, as defined by their active role in the company. A managing partner of an LLC is the partner who runs the company.

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What is a Managing Partner?

The most senior partner of a firm, partnership or group who has the final say as to decisions and the operations of the entity or group. A person or persons who have united together and formed a partnership. Legal Disclaimer: The content appearing on our website is for general information purposes only. When you submit a question or make a comment on our site or in our law forum, you clearly imply that you are interested in receiving answers, opinions and responses from other people. The people providing legal help and who respond are volunteers who may not be lawyers, legal professionals or have any legal training or experience. The law is also subject to change from time to time and legal statutes and regulations vary between states.

Definition of MANAGING PARTNER: Senior partner's highest formal job title. Typically accountable for a firm's overall practice, management and day-to-day.

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Managing partners - What does a managing partner do?

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Definition of a Managing Partner of an LLC

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