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Top definition. A: I was like " why are you here Used to signal idiocy in others by fabricating a sympathetic audience or camera, accompanied by looking in the other direction and gesturing towards the person at fault. Not specific to males. If someone says or does something that deviates from the normal activities or expectations of the current social company, "this guy" could be used. An employer that asks a slacker to do his job may look at other coworkers, or just away from the boss, and motion towards the employer with exasperation and say "this guy.


Top definition. My main man just hooked me up with courtside seats to the Knicks. Main Man unknown. Hanging out with my main man! See: Main Bitch main man n. Not a husband, not a boyfriend , but very close to a main squeeze. If you're a lady, you want to be discreet. Many men will come and go--sometimes at the same time, but sometimes you have that one dude that you can always rely on. He might live with you, although he might not be your husband.

He might float you a little cash occasionally. He's got your back , and you don't want to dissappoint him. He's usually a lover. I had a good time with Mark--he's fine as hell. I can't slip up and let John find out, though, cause he's my main man.

A person says "main man," especially so others may hear, to insinuate that they have a number of friends; the target of "main man" is just one of many friends that this person has. The homeless person , who does not have many friends , said "main man" to me to suggest that I was just one of his many friends. GBW Florencia Permission Slip Julieta Aree Chama Hoxhaism FIP Big Chop Buttfumble AK45 Agustin Chad Clip Art. Alphabetical list mainland pussy main lay mainline Main line class of Main Line Mom Mainliner mainlining mainlining china Mainlining Murder mainloading main lux mainly mainly retarded main mack mama Main main main man Main Mang main man tools main meal main menu Main moid main nigga main nizzle Maino Main Of main oke main one Mainong main op drew Mainor.

Top definition. P Man S unknown. Symptoms include irratability, lethargy , and shut the hell up and order me a pizza Mike's really cranky today.

Top definition. Boyfriend unknown.

Top definition. Chase unknown. He is a great guy. He loves sports. He is handsome,and totally hot.

Top definition. That Guy. Origin - Ireland. See yer man over there? Yer man with the big culchie head on him? Yerman unknown. Scouse slang meaning " yeah man " or " yeah bro ". Nathan : Can I get some Kenny lad? Paddy : Yerman, be there in 10 or

Top definition. Big Man unknown. A member of a group who is able to assert physical, mental and psychological dominance over the other members. A Big Man also needs to possess a significant set of skills in a particular field whether that is academics, sports or a professional career.

Top definition.

Top definition. Get you a man that can do both unknown. To be in a relationship when your boyfriend is classy , kind, and deep but thugn it at the same time.

Top definition. Man's Man unknown. Who is the Man's Man?

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Top definition. My main man just hooked me up with courtside seats to the Knicks. Main Man unknown. Hanging out with my main man! See: Main Bitch main man n. Not a husband, not a boyfriend , but very close to a main squeeze.

Top definition. A warning in which you let someone know to tell the person they are with to either relax or to stop acting in an irrational manner. Hey Kyle why is ya boy akin up, get your mans bro. Get your mans unknown. You use this term whenever you see someone crushing or hitting on a guy. Usually in jokingly manner. You can either shout it while the action is taking place example 1 or in a way where you're telling them to make the first move example 2. Example 1: "Omg guys look over there!

The one guy that knows all your secrets, that you tell anything and everything to, who protects you and only Get a Go To Guy mug for your mama Jovana. 4.

Top definition. Someone who can resolve a difficult problem or situation another person's facing. Talk to Phil about getting out of that jaywalking ticket.

Top definition. Guy unknown. Rulers Of The World.

Top definition. My man unknown. This is a person who is your friend. This also means that this person is a close friend.

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