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Jobs to meet a girl

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If you're a single guy, there is a very small chance that a smart, beautiful, and single girl will just fall into your lap. You have to get yourself out there and be proactive about bringing new women into your life. The good news is you can do this without going to a noisy club or bar. Here are three highly effective ways to meet more women. Take On A New Part Time Job Taking on a part time job can be a great way to meet new women while making a little extra income on the side.

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Jobs That Are Great for Meeting New People

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The majority of romances occur in the workplace. It makes sense. You also tend to start picturing them naked. I learned this lesson my junior year of high school when I took a job at Shop Right. Everyone was hooking up. And I mean everyone… from the 16 year old cashiers to the 55 year old Seafood Dept. But once you graduate high school the quality of girls your age working in a supermarket will greatly diminish.

I decided to put together a list of some of the best jobs to meet women at. These are jobs for those of you still in college, those of you still waiting to find your life calling, or those of you just looking to supplement your income with a second job. Remember these jobs not only open you up to meeting co-workers and customers… but you also get introduced into the social scenes of all the friends you make at your new job.

Tanning Salon — If you are going to get a job in a tanning salon you want to make sure it is one of the bigger chains with lots of beds. You want to work in a salon that has at least other people working there.

Chances are they will all be girls. Young girls. All the customers will be girls as well. A tanning salon is best for someone with a fairly good level of game. The benefit is that most likely it will be a small staff of 2 or 3 people working. This means you will have up- close and personal time with any cute chick working there.

And most of the customers will be repeat customers coming in weekly. This means you will have a chance to build rapport over time. Barnes and Noble — Barnes and Noble is best for the guy who genuinely likes to read and discuss books. The girls that will work there will more than likely be the hipster intelligent type. These girls may seem kind of nerdy… but they are wild in bed. There will be many female customers roaming the store… but it will be hard to spend a good amount of time hitting on them without pissing off your manager.

If at all possible go for a position in the cafe. The cafe will offer the best opportunity for flirting with customers. Retail Store in a Mall — This job is for those of you under twenty one. And it is perfect for you. If you get a job in a store like The Gap you are bound to be working with adorable little 19 year old hotties. Hotties with a lot of 19 year old friends. The customer base will largely be young girls. Not only will your store have hotties employed in it… but so will every other store in the mall.

The mall is a Mecca of female talent. And I ask… Is there a better age group to be adored by? I think not. Waiting Tables in a Restaurant — Can you say social scene in a box? That is was what waiting tables is. Get a job at chain restaurant like Fridays or Houlihans and you will instantly be engulfed in a social scene of other likeminded college students looking to get paid, get drunk, and get laid.

What makes waiting tables better than the other three jobs on this list? The best part of waiting tables is that it is almost customary to have a drink with your co-workers when your shift ends… and we all know… one drinks turns into three or four. The only drawback of a watering job is that there is very little chance of scoring with customers. Bartending in a Hip Bar — This is the Pinnacle of part time jobs. You get the best of all worlds.

You will be raking in the cash. You will be banging your co-workers. You will have your pick of the customers. Point blank… bartending is a power job. For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

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5 Best Jobs to Meet Single Women

With her 40th birthday approaching, Bec Fisher was contemplating a career change. And if so, study what? Should I update my skills, regain some confidence and return to teaching my own class?

It all comes down to the propinquity effect : the tendency for people to form relationships with the people they see the most. Here is a list of 44 job ideas that make sure those hours you spend at work are socially productive, too. Lifeguard or swim instructor — At a fitness center pool, you can enjoy the eye candy, keep in shape, and even help train a handsome athlete or two.

When they do, they go to places where the competition is too high. These are the same types of places where women want to relax, not be hit on over and over again! If you want to meet women, you must stop being so distracted. Make eye contact and smile. Be present and in the moment.

3 Highly Effective Ways To Meet More Women

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The Best Jobs to Meet Women

The majority of romances occur in the workplace. It makes sense. You also tend to start picturing them naked. I learned this lesson my junior year of high school when I took a job at Shop Right. Everyone was hooking up.

Meeting people at work is one of the easiest ways to make new friends. This alone gives you an advantage in being more social.

With so many hours spent at work, many people attempt to meet women at the workplace. There are numerous jobs which are conducive to meeting women and engaging in conversation. You may choose to exchange information to meet up outside of work at a later date.

Where To Meet Women – Top 29 Best Places You Never Expected

What if all you had to do to meet your soul-mate was… get a new job? SmartAsset crunched the numbers on employment, marriage and divorce, to determine which jobs offer the best prospects for meeting—and keeping—a mate. Specifically, we considered the following three factors. Marriage rate.

Nice work if you can get it… and you can get it if you try. Billie Holiday said it best… yes, there are jobs out there in which you could get PAID to meet women - beautiful ones, at that! If you want to improve your social skills, it makes sense to work in a very social job. The qualities that make a good salesman and the qualities that make a good seducer are very similar… and getting good at one will improve your skills at the other! Most people who are new to sales have the same fear of approaching strangers as those new to the art of seducing women.

Best jobs to meet girls in

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Jul 31, - When you work, you put your energy into task and assignment. When you are free, you try to find love such as night bar, online date, where you can find some girls  What jobs can gorgeous girls take on to maximize their.

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Meet the woman doing 40 jobs at 40

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