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Lakers need a big man

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Partly out of principle, partly out of circumstance. Kerr likes to play small. Loves to play small. Flood the floor with versatile players capable of defending multiple positions on one end, for easy switching, while also being a scoring threat on the other. This approach served the Warriors well, five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, with three championships.

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Warriors desperately need big man help after preseason loss to Lakers

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The ceiling for the Lakers, according to Nick Wright :. The Los Angeles Lakers have the best duo in the league, they have the best big man, I believe they still have the best player in the league. Their ceiling is to be the best team in basketball. Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. The ceiling for the Lakers, according to Nick Wright : "Dominate and win a championship.

Is this a make or break season for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland? Nick: Aaron Rodgers has carried the Packers' franchise for the last decade. Dennis Rodman would make life miserable for LeBron. FOX Sports. NBC Sports. Undisputed On FS1. College Football on FOX.

Dominated and won a Championship. I mean that's the ceiling. They've got the best duo in the League. They have the best big man in the League.

I believe they still have the best player in the League, but he's not currently wearing the crown. He would have to go snatch that back from Kauai or Giannis depending on who you think currently has it. Kevin Durant Maybe he says what about me? Kevin Durant maybe can snatch your back himself a year from now, but this Lakers team is going to present enormous problems for so many teams because they are so enormous. This is the point you made this morning see and I think it's.

Really good one that you should expand on which is the amount of just six foot eight and above guys they can throw at you while also having very competent outside shooting. Is that a recipe that I Lebron team to my recollection has not had Lebron teams have had shooting. They've been great defensively, but they have never been huge.

I mean, if you remember the story of when he came back to Cleveland and they traded for. David Griffin tells the story how excited Lebron yeah seeing Moscow in a hotel lobby is he's like, Oh my.

What do you like LeBron, right? It is seven foot two. I think everyone is adequately optimistic about what Anthony Davis is going to bring to this team and I think you're going to see a fresher Lebron James even in near 17 then we saw at the beginning of last season. Or even the year before because there's at least basketball, he's played in a year in his entire NBA career. I just think in theory I'm not. I'm not. I'm not discrediting your point. In theory we think because LeBron played less basketball that he's gonna be fresher but I just think the challenges of you're not the greatest player Anthony Davis is now in town and now we're not doing triplets were only doing duets.

So I think all. Those things right there cuz even if Lebron had made it to the playoffs last year and they lose in the first round, I still think we still see the same guy. Now we know his body should be pressured. You know that all great athletes who stock are looking for some type of challenge.

Talked about the last decade, but I do believe in this season because the way the talent is dispersed around the League and they have the adequate shooters with Lebron at the point. It who guards him like if people say where the client who's better than when they clippers who's quite gonna guard who called George gonna guards because there is no answer for Anthony. We can debate all these things is their answer for Kauai. I mean, quite yes the answer. Paul George.

They're answer for LeBron. In the conversation of the greatest players, him and Lebron and having both of them there in the style for which they're going to play, I think it's gonna be very exciting.

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Dwight Howard rumors: 3 reasons Lakers should pursue the big man

The Purple and Gold were and had a five and a half-game lead over the Los Angeles Clippers in the West standings. The King was averaging He was also shooting Meanwhile, in his first season with the Lakers, Davis was a monster on both sides of the floor.

By now, LeBron James is used to the attention. Still, even LeBron, a global icon though he was in Cleveland and Miami, has seen his star rise to another level in purple and gold. A month later, his voice came through the silver screen as Gwangi in Smallfoot.

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Fully willing to let a team on a franchise-record game winning streak get healthy and go from there, Raptors president Masai Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster sat out a mostly uneventful day. So it was typical in that sense. The cost was minimal — the expiring contract of Moe Harkless — and Morris gives the Clippers an above-average shooting big man who can be used as part of a committee to defend and hopefully wear down LeBron James in what could be an epic Los Angeles playoff series. The big Southern California rivals were both after Morris — in part to help themselves, in part to hurt their rivals — and the Clippers beating out the Lakers will add some juice to their rivalry.

For Stars and Role Players Alike, LeBron’s Lakers Find Bigger Opportunities in Entertainment

For one night at least, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey looks like a genius. In their second game since trading Clint Capela and committing, for better or worse, to an extreme small-ball approach with 6-foot-5 P. As far as regular-season victories go, it was about as impressive a showing as you'll see, particularly from Russell Westbrook , who was the most idealized version of himself in torching the Lakers for 41 points, eight boards and five assists on percent shooting. This has been a trend for a while now, with Westbrook playing lights out via a more concentrated effort on playing to his strengths. Over his last 10 games, he's averaged 22 points per game in the paint, which leads the NBA. It's a stark departure from some of Westbrook's more concerning overall numbers this season. Among all players who've taken at least 3-pointers, Westbrook's percent mark is the worst in the league. Entering Thursday, he was shooting just 33 percent on shots outside five feet. He ranks in the 17th percentile in all jump shots and the 26th percentile in jump shots off the dribble, per synergy.

Report: Lakers Interested in Trading for Wizards Big Man Davis Bertans

The ceiling for the Lakers, according to Nick Wright :. The Los Angeles Lakers have the best duo in the league, they have the best big man, I believe they still have the best player in the league. Their ceiling is to be the best team in basketball. Gehe zu:.

The Los Angeles Lakers have remade their roster this offseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers ' season is already off to a rough start. While Anthony Davis spent 96 percent of his court time at center last season, he hasn't been shy about not wanting to stay there. I like playing the 4.

Los Angeles Lakers still in need of a combo big man

However this wildly bizarre season turns out for the Los Angeles Lakers , they will need to address several key issues, including the future of Pau Gasol. The year-old, seven-foot Spaniard is a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. But his noticeable absence from the lineup this season—due to both injury and a coach who didn't know where to play him—would seem to indicate he is expendable.

This is the second major injury following his Achilles tear that basically destroyed his productivity last year. The Lakers are now looking thin in the frontcourt, without true big men with height and size. Even though LeBron and Kuzma can play at the 4, the Lakers need more big men to be able to defend the rim and rebound. At the same time, the Lakers need bigs to relieve pressure off of Anthony Davis and Javale Mcgee who will be required to play heavy minutes. Noah entered the league with tremendous athleticism, hustle, and defensive skills.

Lakers To Work Out Several Free Agent Big Men

Los Angeles is already looking to replace DeMarcus Cousins, as the big man tore his ACL in an offseason workout earlier this week and will likely miss all of The only time he dropped below that mark was in , but should we really count that? He battled health issues the entire year and only appeared in nine games. A sample size that small doesn't provide enough information on his ability. The big man averaged

Oct 25, - On this drive against Montrezl Harrell, James tries to jump over the younger and more athletic big man and gets the ball sent back in his face.

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