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What to look for in a manager

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Managers play important roles at your company. An unprofessional or disengaged manager can alienate clients, discourage employees, reduce morale and productivity. To help avoid these issues, there are some key things you want to look for in candidates for management roles. Management candidates typically have more experience and education than other employees, so it may seem like they would be easier to evaluate. A one-size-fits-all guide to hiring a manager is difficult.

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11 essential traits of great managers

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Manage a Team. Managers are the life of your business. They may have worked their way up from an entry level position or maybe they applied just when you needed someone to be your eyes and ears. Some of these traits will be specific to your niche, but there are many more that are necessary across the board. Maybe your business is growing and you need help on the employee management and leadership side.

Or maybe, you recently had to fire a manager. Trust is number one with any employee. They will be handling company funds and have access to passwords, not to mention other sensitive data. Anyone can say they are trustworthy, but having a track record of consistently doing the right thing is what you need to see when hiring a new manager. Honesty and accountability go hand in hand.

You want to hire a new manager who follows through on their duties and meets all deadlines. When you assign a task to a manager, knowing that they will accomplish it fully in the allotted time will help you avoid headaches down the road. Your managers will interface with customers, employees, and vendors alike. Making sure that they communicate clearly, decisively, and in a friendly manner will shine a positive light on your company.

Ask your managerial candidates about their approach to communication and share your own philosophy. The other side of communication is being a good listener. As someone who will train employees and check in with them often, they must be able to understand employee needs and communicate them to you. The best managers take a balanced approach to communication by listening as much as or more than!

In the interview process, be sure to ask about a time when something went completely wrong and what the candidate did to take control and rectify the situation. Their answer to this question will provide you necessary insight on what they might do if there were a real emergency on their hands.

Have a specific incident in mind that affected your business in the past? Ask them a hypothetical question about that incident and ask what they would do if they were on-duty. Compare their answer with how the situation unfolded in reality and if their answer is different, have them talk through why their plan of action was better than what happened.

In small and mid-size businesses, change is constant. A key trait to look out for when hiring a new manager is their flexibility. This links closely with problem solving skills because when a manager has a crisis on their hands, they need to be able to think quickly and adapt in order to solve it properly.

If your business is growing quickly and managers need to be able to act independently, make this clear. Some managers are more comfortable with a clean cut role, while others thrive in an autonomous environment. Are there any other traits that you look out for when hiring a new manager?

This list is just a start and your additions are welcome in the comment section. When hiring new managers, streamline their responsibilities with automated time tracking and scheduling. Sign up for Homebase for free. I liked your insight to find a manager who can take control of a situation and know what to do in the case of an emergency.

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10 Characteristics of an Effective Manager

Tech giant Google is a leader in the space of redefining the role of managers. They deliberately decrease the level of power and authority managers have over employees. Get started. So Google embarked on a new project to understand what that would look like.

Manage a Team. Managers are the life of your business. They may have worked their way up from an entry level position or maybe they applied just when you needed someone to be your eyes and ears.

If a company is promoting from within, it wants to look for someone who has proven to be a well-rounded, respected employee. If, on the other hand, a company is expecting to recruit a new hire as manager, the job interview is your primary, crucial opportunity to evaluate a candidate. The person you seek for a manager position needs good communication and organizational skills, and should be knowledgeable about the company's field of business. A good manager needs to be able to communicate with his staff. This means a manager candidate needs proficiency in both written and verbal language skills.

4 Traits to Look for When Hiring a New Manager

Management isn't easy. Even with hundreds of available resources, stepping into a management role for the first time can feel a little like jumping out of a plane, even if you have a parachute strapped to your back. You're suddenly responsible for the well-being, production and success of a team of people, and you are the one they'll turn to if anything goes wrong, which can be a daunting change if you're used to looking to someone else for answers. It takes time to adjust to a new position, especially as a first-time manager, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Just remember that you're not alone and that everyone starts somewhere. We outlined four main characteristics of a good manager and some to avoid , asked some experienced leaders for their best advice for new managers, and listed some personal development options to help get you started and flourish in your new role. The creation of a collaborative environment where everyone feels heard, respected and valued is a key step for new managers. Having a team that works together establishes a more welcoming, supportive company culture.

What to Look For When Hiring For a Manager

I challenged her about it at times. Other times it was because situations changed. Other times she denied saying one thing and was now saying something else. She had many good points but was frustrating.

Interview questions about what you expect from a supervisor can be difficult questions to answer , as you typically do not know the boss' managing style and, if your answer differs from their approach, this can hurt your candidacy. You need to be able to show that you can work independently without looking like you have a problem with authority; it can be a delicate balancing act.

After all, according to a Gallup poll, three of every four employees who leave do so because of factors their manager can influence. That often leads to paralysis and lack of innovation. Your manager should stand up for you and your work to other department heads and executives. We all have career aspirations, and you should find a manager who will not only support your dreams but motivate you to achieve them.

What To Look For When Hiring Managers

What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? The literature is rife with provocative writing about the qualities of managers and leaders and whether the two differ, but little has been said about what happens in the thousands of daily interactions and decisions that allows managers to get the best out of their people and win their devotion. What do great managers actually do?

The most important trait to look for in any potential manager is an intense determination to get results — someone who will do what it takes to have an impact and therefore will make hard decisions, persist when they encounter roadblocks, be rigorous in identifying ways a team could perform better, care about the real impact of their work not just appearances , and display a deep commitment to learning and continuous improvement. They should be at least reasonably strong critical thinkers so that they can grasp the challenges that their staff members are facing and serve as a helpful resource. Ideally they would have at least some ability to see the forest beyond the trees in order to establish a vision for the future. You should also look for evidence of critical thinking and fit with your culture. Assuming the person has managed projects, you might also probe with questions like the following:. For management positions, you might consider asking candidates to do things like the following:.

What Should an Employer Look for in a Manager?

Explore content about career advancement, going back to school, balancing all of life's tasks, and achieving all your professional goals! Are you a manager looking to make a difference in your workplace? Do you want to be a leader that will positively influence your team? Whether you manage five or fifty employees, being a manager comes with a lot of responsibility. In order to be an effective manager, you need to be able to lead your employees in an efficient manner.

Leadership: lead the employees they manage. A manager should be able to lead a team of people to achieving success. Communication: communicate the project  7 answers.

And many of them do. According to the Wall Street Journal , nearly half of employees who leave jobs do so to get away from their bosses. The moment a team stops believing their leader is telling them the truth, things start to fall apart.

What Great Managers Do

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Characteristics of a Good Leader: Tips for New Managers

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11 Leadership Qualities To Look For In A Future Manager

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